Digital Solutions BVE02

Video Editor Control for Yamaha Digital Audio Mixers

02R96, DM1000, DM2000 and 02Rv2

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Video edit suites can now enjoy fully integrated and automated audio-follow mixing with Yamaha's economical range of digital audio mixers. The Digital Solutions BVE02 interface provides effective control of these via the industry-standard ESAM protocol.

Under editor control, the mixer operates like a video switcher - opening the right faders at the right time, whilst providing an appropriate audio monitor mix. The system ensures that audio edits and crossfade transitions match the EDL, with automatic channel assignment to "Program" and "Preview" busses. Providing a reassuring degree of operator feedback, the system's motor-fader automation and large LCD screen give a clear and continuously updated indication of mode and mix level.

When linked to a video edit controller via the BVE02, the mixer's standard audio mixing functions remain available - completely uncompromised - at all times. Compatible, ESAM-enabled edit controllers that can be used in this powerful combination are available from most editor manufacturers. Suitable editors include Sony BVE 9100 and BVE 2000.

The combination of the BVE02 and these Yamaha digital mixers takes the hard work out of managing audio in the edit, allowing deadline-pressured video facilities to concentrate on the essential aspects of a project - freeing time for creativity and improving overall productivity.

The BVE02 interface
for affordable, digital, ESAM mixer operation:

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