Digital Solutions BVE02

Video Editor Control for the Yamaha 02R Digital Audio Mixers

Latest software revision - V98.04.14

This version includes the following revisions :-

1) Automatic sensing and support for 02R version 2.x software.

2) E-MEM store and recall under editor control using 02R Scene memories.

The operation of the ESAM Save Mixer and Recall Mixer commands (normally called E-MEM learn and recall on Edit Controllers) has been changed.

3) Uploading and downloading of E-MEM registers from and to Edit Controller.

The operation of the ESAM Transfer Register (read and write) commands (normally called E-MEM upload and download on Edit Controllers) has been revised.

Installing the software revision

The software revision file should be transferred into the Flash memory of the BVE02 using a suitable terminal emulation application such as HyperTerminal. Full details are included in the BVE02 owner's manual.

Download the latest software revision - click here.

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