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QuickCue - single VTR remote control

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This range of single machine desktop remote control units has been designed for the rapid control of professional VTRs using either the Sony 'P2' 9pin or Ampex VPR3 protocols. The version described below is optimised for live sports operations and may be used to record and mark live action with rapid cue point location and vari-speed (slow motion) playback. The unit will store 99 cue points which are held in non-volatile memory. The software has been developed to meet the requirements of the BBC.

Drawing of QuickCue panel

The drawing shows the panel layout of the remote control. All of the main control keys are illuminated to indicate the current mode of the VTR. Cue points may be stored by pressing the MARK CUE key. If the AUTO INC key is illuminated each new cue is stored in the next available cue memory. Each of the 99 cue memories may be recalled and/or edited using the keypad. The VTR may be located to the time shown in the CUE TIMECODE window by selecting the GOTO CUE key.

Varispeed play is selected by pressing the VARIPLAY key. The variable play speed may be altered by rotating the shuttle control whilst holding down either the SET VARI key (to preset the speed prior to a variplay operation), or the VARIPLAY key (to change the current variplay speed). The selected varispeed rate is shown at the end of the TAPE TIMECODE display during variplay operations. The limits varispeed range may be one of 0 - 100%, 0 - 300%, or -100% - 300% according to a user set-up selection.

The TAPE TIMECODE display may be selected to show LTC, VITC, LTC user bits, or tape time remaining. Please note some VTRs may not provide all of these time values. This display is also used to describe the VTR operation mode and to display any VTR problems such as no tape, no video sync reference, and hardware faults.

The shuttle control is a combined jog/shuttle similar to the type fitted to Sony VTRs. The mode is changed by pressing down on the control knob. In normal operation other than record, jog or shuttle is automatically selected when the control is rotated. This function may be disabled by a user set-up selection.

The REC key causes the controlled VTR to enter crash record mode (all channels record).

The RDY key indicates if the VTR is ready (heads spinning) or on standby (heads stopped) mode. The current mode may be changed by pressing this key.

The PREROLL key may be used to move the VTR back by a preset time value, or if selected during a GOTO CUE operation to cue the VTR to the cue time less the preroll time. The preroll time may be altered by the user or set to 00:00:00:00 to disable this function.

QuickCue - single VTR remote control

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