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Transport remote control interface for Rank Cintel MkIII telecine machines

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The TKC1 is designed to control the transport of a Rank Cintel telecine machine to according to the commands received from an external edit controller using the Sony 9 pin serial protocol. The interface emulates a BVW-75 VTR and will report the timecode position and transport status of the telecine transport to the edit controller. The unit accepts external reference for 8 field colour phasing, and has a LTC output. The interface permits the use of the telecine as a source machine under the control of normal video edit controllers. Special software has been implemented to overcome the synchronisation difficulties associated with this type of telecine transport and enable repeatable, frame accurate edit operation.

A front panel backlit LCD display is used to provide visual indication of timecode position and transport mode. It is also used to modify certain user selectable system set-up values and to inform the operator of any problems detected such as no film loaded on the transport. Three additional LED indicators provide confidence checks for video sync input, correct serial communication with the edit controller, and transport position lock.

When the unit is switched on the timecode position of the unit will be set to 00:00:00:00. Once the telecine transport has been motioned to the desired reference frame using either commands from the edit controller, or manual control, the timecode position of the reference frame may be reset to zero, or preset to some other timecode value using the front panel push buttons. Any preset time which is entered is stored to permit a simple two button recall if desired. This timecode preset value, and certain other system values are held in a non-volatile RAM.

The interface is connected to the standard remote control and bi-phase output connectors of the Rank Cintel transport and will support three different transport models.

The TKC1 telecine interface

Front panel

Rear panel connectors

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