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Virtual Machine for Digital Audio Workstations

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The Digital Solutions VM01 is a Virtual Machine with twin transport control ports which respond to the Sony (RS422) VTR control protocol. The unit also generates longitudinal timecode (LTC) corresponding to the current position of the virtual transport. It is designed to be used with those Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) and other random access audio or video editing systems which require an external master transport as a low cost, rapid response alternative to a real VTR. The VM01 can also be used enable two machine controllers to share transport control of a single VTR.

An external video sync signal may be connected to the VM01 to ensure that transport motion speeds and LTC framing are properly referenced. This will ensure that all cumulative drift is eliminated. The frame rate of the external video sync signal is monitored and used to switch the unit between PAL (25 fps) and NTSC (30/29.97 fps) operation modes.

The provision of twin transport control ports enables the control of the VM01 to be shared by two controlling devices in a single installation.

The system software will also monitor the VTR port for the presence of an external machine. If connected, transport commands from either external controlling device will be passed to the external VTR, and the transport position and status of the VTR will be reported and used to generate LTC. In this way the VM01 provides dual control and LTC output for a range of external devices such as VTRs and Video disk recorders.

The VM01 has been developed to provide LTC and virtual transport operation to professional random access systems such as the Solid State Logic range of products including Axiom, Aysis, Scenaria, OmniMix, ScreenSound and VisionTrack.

The VM01 Virtual Machine
The low cost Virtual VTR:

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