Digital Solutions VM01

Virtual Machine for Digital Audio Workstations

Latest software revision - V97.10.03

This version includes the following revisions :-

LTC output will now mute six frames after the Virtual Machine enters Stop or Still. This change is intended to improve operation with some Digital Audio Workstations. Continuous LTC output can be enabled by setting internal set-up switch 4 to ON.

The previous externally controlled Jog / Shuttle / Var speed limit of +/- 99 times normal speed has been removed. Fast forward and Rewind speeds remain as a gradual ramp up over 6 seconds to +/- 195 times normal speed.

Installing the software revision

The software revision file should be transferred into the Flash memory of the VM01 using a suitable terminal emulation application such as HyperTerminal. Full details are included in the VM01 owner's manual.

Download the latest software revision - click here.

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